Sunday, January 20, 2013

shy miso

It's been about 10 years since I've last had a cat so we've all been preoccupied with this little sweetness for the last week. So hard to be at my desk sewing when I'd rather be with him. 

Happy New Year! And thank you all for all the support you've shown me the last year. I really hope to be more productive this year and keep my shop updated a bit more frequently. 



  1. He's adorable! Love his name. (And it makes me want to get a kitten.)

  2. Congrats, I really love my cat too :) I will be watching your shop with an eagle eye this year then. I have a doll on my wish list xx

  3. He is sooo cute!!You need to post more pictures of him!! Hope you are all well.

  4. Thank you, he's so adorable but shedding like mad at the moment. Sara, he is a scottish fold. Elma, nice to see you here!