Saturday, January 7, 2012

For doll making, nothing beats a hemostat, but my other favorite took is this little bodkin (I think...). I don't actually like using chopsticks for turning pressing out corners and edges, it's not gentle enough for my work, especially when working with linen. Speaking of linen, I find it to be a difficult fabric to work with for plush making. It tends to shift when sewing and cutting and due to the open weave, it is more delicate to stuff and sew up openings using ladder stitch despite it being a strong cloth. If you are a beginner plush maker, I recommend lining it with muslim.

Anyway, I bought this bodkin to turn tubes inside out which by the way I couldn't do very well with it but it's great for pushing out edges after sewing inside out. Especially for curves; it just glides along and does the job wonderfully without snagging or threatening to making a hole.  For pushing out tiny corners, I usually start with this and then finish off with small wooden knitting needle which is usually more rounded, smoother and smaller than chopsticks. Proceed with caution as it is easy to poke a hole.

I've started working on my ginger girl again. Arms need attaching then a much needed haircut. 


  1. So cute!! Will you be selling this one??

  2. Happy New Year Elma! Hope you and family are all well. Yes she will be in the shop, hopefully soon! xx

  3. Oooh, I'm so exited for your shop opening, have been checking in on you all the time just waiting! Hope I get one this time, do you have a rough opening date at all? Jasmineivy x x x x