Wednesday, October 5, 2011

a trip

I've been hard at work trying to update my shop for an update but I wasn't able to finish by September which was my goal because..I'm going to Seoul next week for 2 weeks! I'm accompanying my parents who haven't been back home for 35 years and I can't wait to be part of that. I haven't been back in about 14 years and I am really looking forward to the markets, eating the delish food and hanging out in the many coffee cafes there. The thought of all the craft supplies sold there is pretty exciting!
I am leaving my 2 kids behind which is really scary as I haven't been apart from them for even a day since they were born but they will be in the great hands of my inlaws who are flying in from the UK to help out, thank you mum!!

I hope to get back to these fat little birdies and some dolls when I return; it's been too long since the shop has been empty.