Wednesday, September 14, 2011

the resident clown

I'm glad this goofball was born on Christmas which means she won't be in Kinder until she is almost 6. Always on the move, is a major clown and completely hilarious. I am really worried how she will survive real school. Kindergarten in our neck of the woods is so strict it was a big change from preschool. I guess you have to be with our huge class sizes these days. Little C in comparison is going to grow up to be in law enforcement I'm sure. Stickler for rules and always looking at her with a big disapproval frown on his face!


  1. haha she looks like she is so much fun though! Love the last picture. i worry about this all the time, I have a goofy kid and I wonder if she will change when we put her in school.

  2. I just love the last photo. I too worried that my son would change when he went to school, but I think they do a pretty good job of seeking out likeness. So far, he is still as nerdy as ever.

    Can't wait to see your works, always lovely.