Monday, April 4, 2011

shop update change and blog love

We finally got a taste of spring this weekend and this meant lots of time I wasn't able to get most of the work done I had planned this weekend. I decided to change the shop date to Monday, April 11 instead of the 8th.  The time will also be moved from 11am PST to 3PM PST. To all my Australian customers, I hope that it a better time for you! I will make a mental note from now on to remember to check Australian time for the updates..sorry about that!  On that note, I wanted to let you all know how thankful I am that despite my sporadic posting and my often empty shop you continue to visit me and support my work. Thank you for letting me know you are here and that my creations bring a smile to your day, it means so much to me!

Now, I wanted to share a super lovely blog I came across the other day. You know how you come across a site and you want to read all the entries?
Check out this gorgeous space. I want it. We want it.

all images by Guusje of


  1. Hi Sara!

    Love seeing your new blog entries and thank you for sharing your craft, thoughts, and family life with us!

    Very excited to see your new items in your shop, hope to start a collection of your things for my two little girls.

    Thank you also for thinking of us in Australia, will be a much better time! Sometimes mothers don't get much sleep so I may have been up that time anyway! ;)

    Mary (aka bagandshop)