Sunday, April 10, 2011


What a lovely day here in the Bay Area, CA. In between getting ready for the update tomorrow, we spent some time in the garden planting herbs. And we managed to find a kaffir lime plant so I was pretty excited about that. It's a young plant so no limes yet but fragrance of the leaves is just glorious. I can't wait to use it in Thai dishes.

Here is a preview of what's coming in the shop tomorrow at 3pm PST.

The orange haired girl and some other special friends will have to wait for the next update.

Edited to add: The bear girls are approximately 14 inches long. I made them 2 inches bigger than my previous bear girls and this will be the new size from now on. 


  1. I adore your dolls - they are so beautiful!!

    Where do you source your labels from? They are just what I have been searching for!

  2. these are all so, so beautiful. your attention to detail is amazing!

  3. por favor, descreva passo a passo como azer estes passaros tão lindos..são perfeitos, parabéns.

  4. je trouve tout cela superbe, j'adore