Friday, April 1, 2011

Here is the book I bought a few months ago from which I made littlest C's jacket, ISBN #9784579112777. It has quite a few adorable patterns in it but unfortunately the sizing only goes from 90 to 105cm.

I made these jeans for DS and he loves the elastic waist. He still forgets zipping up his fly after the bathroom visits :). This is from another book, I will post the book when I find it.

I've finished a birdie for the shop update. It is going to be very hard to part with this chap.
Hope you like him. Have a great weekend!


  1. My oh My. you make the most gorgeous things, Sara. Hooray! You are lovely!!!

  2. I second the above comment. my alarm clock has been set at 5am (Sydney time) so I can buy a birdie or two.

  3. I was wondering the same, did I miss the time for the update? I will be looking for a doll, so excited, I do love the birds as well, but let's not be greedy. ha ha