Thursday, March 24, 2011

This old teddy which was originally my mother-in-law's, then my husband's has been through lot's of love, rough handling, dog maulings but I love it. Toys were truly made so well back then. I decided my teddy bear is a boy now, and I need to sew him a pair of pants and vest I think.

I can never seem to work on a series of dolls at the same time which is not very efficient, but it helps me stay motivated despite sore fingers. I've moved on to birds now, I hope I can get everything finished for the next update!


  1. I love your bear. Actually, both bears are beautiful, but I'm so impressed by the one you made. You're incredibly talented.

    And I hope it's stopped raining where you are (I think we're somewhat near each other). I'm on the peninsula...and I'm ready for some sun!

  2. Thank you bybido! Your bear inspired me to play with mine a bit today and I very much admire your creations also!

    I know, so much rain here today I am so ready for some sunshine too. I didn't realize you are so close! I lived on the peninsula for a long time and just moved to the east bay. I miss it! I wish I could meet more crafty mommas here, I don't know a single soul who is into crafting. No one!
    Thx for stopping by, keep warm :)

  3. How funny - I miss the East Bay! I lived in Berkeley for a few years while in grad school at Cal. I still make it over there every so often when I'm craving Picante :).

    At least the East Bay (depending on where you are) has some nice fabric stores and plenty of yarn stores! I feel like I either need to trek out to Hart's or over to Stone Mountain Daughter if I want to find any interesting fabric. Maybe I haven't looked enough around the peninsula...?

  4. Oh I miss Berkeley too, my best friend went there and I miss hanging out with her in that area! I really like Stone Mountain but it's still pretty far away from me as I'm closer to the South. When I lived in the peninsula, it was pretty much buying over the internet or Stone Mountain. I've never been to Hart's though, is it a good one?