Thursday, September 30, 2010

afternoon tea

 I don't know if it's because I'm getting older or it's having an Englishman for a husband but I have begun to develop a serious need for something sweet with my afternoon cup of tea. This almond wafer adapted from here was so easy, fast too make and really tasty to boot. I love the light crispy texture and the subtle spiciness which the kids love too. I didn't have any ground cloves on hand so I omitted that and used a 1/4 cup less brown sugar. I didn't blanch my almonds either, I just used as is. I also used Eagle Mills ultra grain flour instead of all-purpose; I always use this flour when making cookies. Once the dough starts to soften after cutting it will stick like mad so I placed the sliced uncooked cookies right away on silpat or parchment paper, placed the almonds and stuck it back in the freezer while the oven reached 400 degrees. I warn you these are seriously moreish.


  1. YUMMY! looks delicious! the photo where the little one is looking into the oven is darling.. i am always like that... so impatient waiting for goodness to finish cooking!

  2. i have been making gingerbread cookies every monday...i am totally addicted to them with my tea. i hear ya.

  3. These look absolutely impossible to resist! After I stopped eating meat, I find myself wanting more sweet things... Love your work, by the way. So happy when I saw the little birds some time ago, but they were gone in minutes I think :)