Tuesday, August 17, 2010

finally! Plush You LA

I finished these two dolls for the Plush You LA 2010 show. Amelie's (blue hair) little jacket is made of Liberty fabric with a peter pan collar made of a vintage Japanese textile. She is wearing little wool pantaloons and I embroidered a little shirt placket onto her linen body. Since I had to pull out of the Luv-able Hug-able show last year, I am excited to be participating in this show. I know it's not really a cohesive collection, but I decided to send little Jersey birdie along too.

As I am typing this on my husband's mac, he is working away at my mac book. Because...I spilled a whole mug of tea onto it last week and it's basically fried and...

1) it's less than a year old
2) I've spilled coffee all over a few dolls last year and that has not taught me to keep liquids away from my desk
3) my daughter actually dumped about 1/4 cup of tea on it last month but it miraculously survived that incident and that has not taught me to keep liquids away from my desk
4) our external hard drive was over capacity and so I had not backed up at all this year which means most of my packaging designs I created this year is GONE!

I know I do not deserve any sympathy from you all at ALL. Sigh.