Saturday, July 17, 2010

thank you

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and sharing your experiences with me regarding my daughter's issues with her adenoids and tonsils. So...we had booked her to have surgery last month and then I got cold feet. I knew recovery wasn't going to be pleasant for her, however I discovered a blog where 100+ people had posted about their experiences and the vast majority of them was saying how awful it was.  Then of course she finally got over her cold and so her snoring got better.  A few weeks after that she got another cold and she is really suffering again, sleep apnea and all. I realized I must see past immediate period of painful recovery and look towards a great future for her..imagine her being able to smell her food! Walk up hills without struggling! Gaining weight for a change.
I booked her in with another doctor, the one we originally wanted to see as he is a very well known pediatric ENT here in the bay area who has conducted large studies using a surgery technique that that leaves the capsule in place resulting in less pain and faster recovery. My daughter would be a good candidate for this as she does not have problems with her tonsils getting infected. We are having to wait 2.5 months to see him but I feel less anxiety about this now.  So thank you, I really felt better reading your comments, I know we are doing the right thing.

 To help her with her cold, I made some chicken pho yesterday. Not the best thing to make when your house is 80 degrees plus inside, but it was delicious. Kids love it too.

I decided to make a set of patchwork coasters for my sister in law last night. I love patchwork and this was the perfect small project for a last minute gift. I should make more patchwork things as I have so many scraps, but sometimes I find the cutting and putting together different fabric combinations a bit daunting.

I wanted to do an update last month but I didn't have much time for sewing, sorry. I am in the plush you LA show this year so I am working on three pieces for that; I hope I can get some more things in the shop at the end of this month.

Have a great weekend xo


  1. you should do more patchwork because your color combinations always come out amazing. that yellow floral print is so lovely. i have her book i want to make the coasters.

    ps. hugs to the little one and to the mama.

  2. I think you made the right decision. My daughter had her tonsils and adenoids removed about a year ago at age three. She ended up getting an infection after the surgery and developed a high fever. We had to go back to the hospital and she was downright miserable for several days. My daughter has a very high pain tolerance, but this really did her in.

    That said, if I could do it all over again, I would do it without a second thought. She went from snoring like an old man, to me not being able to hear her breathe at all. Even with the infection, she was recovered in about seven days. Sleep is so important for kids' development, and their moods are so much better when well rested.
    I'm sure everything will go well.

    Your daughter is absolutely adorable, and the soup and coasters look awesome.