Tuesday, June 8, 2010


My 2.5 year old daughter has been snoring for about a year now, and constantly makes snorting noises during the day. Today we took her to a ENT doctor who confirmed that she needs to have her tonsils and adenoids taken out, poor thing. I am so sad that she will have to endure the pain and because her first visit to the dentist totally traumatized her, she terrified of anything or anyone that resembles a dentist chair and white coat. The hygienist held her down so hard that she tore both sides of her mouth and she cried so hard that she popped blood vessels in her face before I could ask them to stop. Today she was completely content in the waiting room but as soon as she saw that chair, she freaked out.  I am so nervous about the thought of her being put under...but I know this will help her in so many ways, her eating (or lack of), being off the weight chart and sleep apnea.

After spending hours reading about it on the Internet, I needed a distraction and dug out my yarn basket for some crochet therapy. I started the larger granny squares about 3.5 years ago when I saw an amazing cream granny square bed sized blanket in some french magazine. I got to about 10 before it got tossed into my yarn basket.
This infamous blanket got me excited about tackling it again so I started two squares using Yvestown's tutorial. Because it's so much smaller than my previous ones, it's really fun to do.
I used Lucy's tutorial to join the square as you go which is makes this so much more enjoyable!

That little piece of grey striped linen fabric was my little son's project today. I made little dots with the fabric marking pen and he sewed running stitches and attached buttons using a real grown up needle for the first time. He was totally loved using real needles and sewing like mommy! Then I noticed the running stitches he made all over our bed that he neglected to show me :)