Friday, May 7, 2010

productive day

Here is another girl I am hoping to finish for the update next week. I don't make these very often because frankly the hair is a pain the butt to do and the painting of the eyes requires plenty of daylight for precision lines but they are my favorite. I am going to try needle-felting mohair onto her head next time...

I have a tendency to have multiple projects going on at once; almost finishing one then moving onto the next. It drives me crazy to see these unfinished plushes when they are about 80% finished but I can't seem to discipline myself from jumping onto the next creation. After finishing the hair a couple of weeks ago, I was so done with working on it for awhile, but I knuckled down and started on the body and limbs today and managed to almost finish her. Hooray! Now to the fun part: embroidery details and a dress.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


p.s. thank you for the lovely comments on the last post :)


  1. So pretty, maybe I can snatch her up. he he
    So excited to see your updates.

  2. wow!! i loove her!! i love blue hair! i love everything!! :p

  3. Your blue haired dolls are my favorites too.

  4. Oh this doll is just adorable! I want one for myself!