Thursday, May 20, 2010

more pics for today's update

For today's update at 3:00pm Pacific Time.
So sorry for the not so nice pics. The best I could this morning! I will try for another update in June should you miss what you wanted today :(

Thank you! xo


  1. Oh these are absolutely adorable!!

  2. Oh my gosh, I managed to snatch up Nikki! She has my name and looks like me (but I have grey eyes), finally Agnes has a friend to sit with her! I absolutely love your dolls, I'm so happy I have two now. <3

  3. ah! everything snatched up straight away!
    an absolutely adorable update, indeed. hopefully i'll be a lucky one next time :)

    hope you have a happy rest of the week!


  4. Hi Sara, beautiful creations as always! I had my eye on Ingrid with the cute beret:) I'll keep a look out for your next updates...

  5. I love these. So cute! lovely blog.