Sunday, March 21, 2010

family portrait

family portrait - marker on cardboard

Little C has never been very interested in the art of coloring and doodling. I would see all his little classmates engrossed in their coloring pages at school but Cameron would give it maybe 5 minutes before he gets bored.
On the other hand, ask him a question such as how a dishwasher operates, or how gasoline powers cars, and he can tell you how in amazing detail. He astounds me with knowledge of such things. In his analytical and mechanically minded head, he really couldn't be bothered with the silly little drawing implements. Until recently, I never really pushed him to continue practicing, afraid he might develop a long lasting aversion to it. Meanwhile, my 2 year old has been able to hold a pencil correctly and draw basic shapes pretty accurately for a few months now. I started to get worried, especially since most of his classmates can write their own names now.

Then a couple weeks ago, I started to see a change. He will now spend a good hour just scribbling and I think all the practice has strengthened his fingers so that he can hold his pencil accurately, use the scissors well and also use these chopsticks effortlessly.

Anyway, little C drew this picture for me today. I almost cried because this is the first time he had drawn anything like this. He told me this is our family portrait and we are standing underneath a umbrella with raindrop kisses falling on top. I asked him why mummy had no tummy and he told me it's because since both babies are out of my tummy (sister and himself), I don't need one anymore.

I love this little man.


  1. I happen to know a certain little fella who also could care less about coloring. In fact, it's only now that he will take the time to fill in the spaces (somewhat). But drawings are a whole different ball game. We have murals on large pieces of paper all over our house with these elaborate pirate men all with "nifty" mustaches. My little guy is very mechanically minded as well and takes on learning with the same approach. He, not me, taught himself to read last year. It truly is amazing to watch them blossom....

  2. I know exactly how special those moments are! I love the smiling family and all with beautiufl teeth too I see.
    I think Caleb and Cameron would have gret converstaions that would be out of my understanding. Caleb was 5 in December and his name writing skills are still questionable but his love of letters and the want to read is encouraging him to get into it.
    We had a great time on Sunday, drawing for an hour (unheard of) doing racing cars. I had the biggest smile on my face. Different is such a great thing to be sometimes I am learning.
    Kisses to the clever boy!

  3. I wish someone would draw a picture of me with no tummy. So special.

  4. Hahaha awww! :) That's incredibly endearing.