Tuesday, September 15, 2009

a little bag for a little boy

"I love clouds mummy. And I love rain."
"Why do you like the clouds and rain, little C?"
"Because I am English!!"

Made for my all of a sudden grown up, soon to be 4 year old little boy. Who started preschool 5 days a week yesterday. To be hung on his hook at school.
Made of cotton and wool, hand embroidered with split stitches, raindrops filled with polyfill.
He loves it.


  1. the bag is delicious, i love it. I also love clouds and rain, because I'm English. And you don't get too many of them here in Melbourne!

  2. oh my goodness- this is so precious! :D i adore it! happy little rain clouds are totally the best. what a lucky little boy to have such a neat little handmade bag from his dear mama!!! cheers

  3. Ah yes, for the love of a little boy, I know this one well!

  4. I love it, your work is always so full of detail!!

  5. thank you all for your lovely comments! Amazingly, we haven't had rain here for about 2 weeks, but starting to get chilly. I can't wait to whip up a few scarves and fingerles mittens.

  6. Me encanta el bolso,¡¡es una monada!!

    Saludos desde España.

  7. Adorable! Love your blog, as I am new to sewing and craft-making. Look forward to reading more!