Saturday, August 1, 2009

there is hope for me afterall

I feel as if I have been in creative hibernation; the unproductive kind. It's been so long since I have picked up a pencil, paper and drafted a new pattern. Or since I've sewn anything really. I miss making my bear girls and wonder if I can even sew. Missing all my crafting material back home. Self doubt about my creative abilities. Do you ever feel like this?

When an inspiration or a design idea hits me, my wheels start churning and sometimes I can't even sleep well. I don't usually sketch my ideas first (not a good idea!), I just start cutting out pattern pieces and usually have to tweek it a few times before it looks vaguely acceptable. This is where for me I find plush making to be challenging. Flat pieces or ideas sketched can look so different once stitched and stuffed. Even the way it is stuffed can alter it's appearance quite a bit. Having the discipline to complete each version and give it a decent chance before I bin it takes a lot patience and I find this the most difficult part. Once I feel a pattern is complete the feeling is amazing. I get so excited about making them in the right fabrics, with all the little details that make each piece special.
This has happened to me a few days ago. I have been invited to particpate in an exhibit this year (more on that later) and it forced myself out of this hibernation and I think I'm pretty happy with my new plush sculpture. It is to be called "hunted fox" and she will adorn a little cloak scattered with leaves which will help camouflage and blend her into the forest. It still needs a bit of work, ears to be designed, complete hair embroidery on legs and the cloak needs to be designed and stitched but I'm pretty happy with the way she turned out. I hope you like her too.