Sunday, July 12, 2009

done and dusted

I finally finished my first ever mohair teddy bear. Well almost. I'm still waiting for black embroidery floss so I can add claws. I have been really wanting to make for one for some time, and have several pieces of mohair back at home, some even hand dyed but I was always either too busy with the shop or afraid to cut into the expensive fabric. As I do not have any of my sewing/crafting supplies here (even yarn and needles) it's become the perfect craft project for me. I ordered the kit from here and just held my breath as I cut into the beautiful mohair fabric. A friend kindly lent me her mother's old singer and so I used a combination of machine sewing and hand sewing. I realized at the beginning of the project that I did not have a seam ripper and had a mild panic, but managed to finish her without needing it once! Not perfect but pretty good considering. Making her made me wonder just how teddy bear artist can take all the abuse your hands and fingers suffer while making one after another. Even turning the cotter pins in all the joints took quite a bit of effort and my hands were sore for a couple of days. So fun though and I can't wait to draft a new pattern with a more triangular head and slightly longer and thinner muzzle like the old vintage bears of the early 1900s.

I missing home and Nick. And I even miss Joann's! I miss being able to drive for 10 minutes and grabbing a whole load of notions for half off. Craft supplies kind of suck here in Cambridge and I am bit down about that. But thank you for the suggestion of heading down to Shepard's Bush in London for fabric. I have an appointment with Embassy this coming Friday and will spend the morning there. I've done some reading on the area and it sounds really promising.

We have had a really hot heatwave here in the UK a couple of weeks ago and the thunder flies were out in full force, I mean crawling in your ears, face and everything. So glad that's over!

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. xo