Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I hope all you mothers out there had the best day ever. I didn't get to sleep in because that is an absolute impossibility with two babes laughing and hollering but I had a wonderful home cooked dinner:

We went hiking up in the woods where the air and smell of the forest was just heavenly. My little one making one of her funny faces:

Nothing on the shop front but I am working really hard on an order for HIJKIDS (sorry it's late Kristine!). I don't do wholesale or large orders but made an exception for a lovely friend and her sweet online shop:

Hopefully these girls will be in her hands by late May because...we will be going to the UK in 10 days time!! This was sort of a last minute thing and the thought of flying, and flying with two young children is making me really nervous but I am so excited. We haven't been for about 2.5 years and this will be the first time for the littlest.

Can't wait for:

: going into the center of Cambridge (we are staying at my in-laws, in a quaint little village outside Cambridge)
: a full english breakfast
: thrift finds at oxfam shops
: real bangers and mash
: sleeping in (my MIL is the best! truly!)
: pint of real ale
: mini trip to London
: fabric shopping - where i can pick up some liberty fabric
: the best indian food - outside India
: visiting stately homes
: lovely countryside and wild little rabbits
: English yogurt and bread
: visiting husband's extensive network of family and friends

Which means my little shop will be closed for June but I will continue blog posts with hopefully some photos of our little trip. Does anyone have any tips for air travel with 2 young ones? We decided not to buy a seat for our 16 month old as British Airways has a infant seat thing that they attach to the bassinet table. Hope I don't regret that decision.