Friday, April 10, 2009

on my desk

Or bed, actually. I Just got over a horrendous head cold and now feeling like tackling the piles of cut cloth on my desk.

On a different note, does anyone use a wacom tablet with a mac? I can't decide on a intuos 4 or a bamboo. I know the intuos 4 is supposed to be really great but at about 2x the cost, I am trying to convince myself that the bamboo would be sufficient for illustration work.

have a nice Friday!



  1. I have an intuos 2 4x5 and it serves me beautifully. I also have had an intuos 2 6x8 (gave to a friend) and also currently have an intuos 3 6x8 (gift from husband cos he didn't realize I had bought the intuos 2). Oops.

    Anyway, I've played with the graphire line (pre-bamboo model) and they are obviously less than the intuos, HOWEVER I know lots of artists who make beautiful work on the graphires (ex.

    My intuos 2 performs as well as my intuos 3, and I ebayed the intuos 2 for a fraction of it's original price (100$). The intuos line is only worth it if you're a serious digital painter. For things like doodling or graphic design you'll be happy with a bamboo. Do you have an ipod Touch/iphone? There is an App called ( that will give you an idea of what digital painting is, and it's only 5$. If you're into that kind of painting then I'd say splurge on the intuos. If not, you won't need the pen pressures that is the main feature of an intuos.

    <3 Good luck!!! And stay well.

  2. these little cub girls are so adorable, I'm coveting them like crazy! I'll be checking your shop update and hopefully can give one a home in my own cub den :)

  3. can't wait to see these in the shop! i'd love to give one to my daughter heron for her birthday!

  4. thank you Niku, Elle! Jellie, thank you for your feedback and links on the tablet. I think I will probably go with the bamboo unless the software package is crappy, in which case the intuos 4 may be worth the extra $$. The is so cool!

  5. Hope that you are feeling better now. Your girls look so lovely piled together!