Friday, April 24, 2009

Birthday presents and Sunday

I whipped up a couple of presents for my son's classmates last week. First is a little messenger satchel for a 3 year old boy

a set of wooden country girls for his 4 year old sister made from Alicia's kit I bought last year

This plus more sick kiddies so not much work done lately. I thought about delaying the shop update again but decided to go ahead with a small update this Sunday, the 26th at 1PM pacific time with two nature bear girls and maybe a birdie. The bear girls prices have increased a bit too, to account for the many hours and care taken to create each one. I know how times are tough for everyone these days, so I am very sorry about this and thank all of you for your support. Hopefully some opened eye girls in early May.

Happy Friday!


  1. Your dolls are just gorgeous - I love them and the little bird is just delcious. ! Just found your beautiful blog via my daughter's blog so am now addicted to it! Happy Saturday!

  2. oh my goodness! Everything you have made is just gorgeous. I LOVE the boy's satchel, and your dolls look so beautiful and detailed. I just love your work!

  3. I've set my alarm clock, your work keeps getting more and more inspiring and I'm loving the new things you try. Hope your little munchkins perk up soon.

  4. As the proud owner of some of these I think that they are so beautifully made an increase in price is not unfair. Sammy is still the love of Poppy's life.

  5. Worth every penny, I so love your creations.....and I wish I were that 3-year old boy, that is so cool!