Friday, January 23, 2009

hello 2009!

Hello, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and a happy new year! One of my resolutions for this year is to clean up my studio/work area and to be more productive (haha). This is going to be hard as my daughter has taken over my studio and so I am now working in their playroom. You can imagine this is not the best of arrangements and I have to be super diligent with irons, pins, etc. I usually leave a certain number of needles and pins on my pincushion and write that number down on my inspiration board, so I know the minute I have misplaced one.

My daughter is now starting to walk too which is so exciting. Unfortunately I am finding less and less time to create which is hard; I find my sewing time so therapeutic. Which explains why my shop is so empty these days but I am working on a shop update for the end of January.

We are also thinking about putting my 1 year old daughter and 3 year old son together in one room. Thankfully they are both great sleepers now but I'm still really nervous about one waking the other or my son waking her up when he goes down for the night since he likes to end his day by chatting to his bedfellows. Will they fall asleep when they can be hollering and shrieking with glee? No one I know personally has two young children rooming together so I have no input there. I find that a little sad, actually. I had so much fun sharing a room with my little brother when I was a wee one. I would love to hear your experiences.

As for shop updates, I have decided to periodically list individual items on a random basis with update notifications on my blog only and send out individual shop update notices when I have a bigger update. This way I won't be annoying everyone with notices every time I list an item. I am also finding bigger updates to be quite challenging, even with just 6 to 8 items. Hopefully it will get easier as the year rolls on. I leave you with an image of Jersey, who will be landing into my etsy shop this afternoon, PST.



  1. Hi there! I just recently put my twin toddlers (little over 2.5) in the same room. Won't bore you with all the details but even with their diff sleeping patterns, they are doing considerably very well (you can read more about my "sleep training" on our blog Anyways, wanted to let you know that it's doable and my kids have SO MUCH FUN being in the same room!

  2. Ahhh...I feel your pain! I have a 5 and 2 year old, and thought about putting them in the same room too. My 2-year old is too much of an early bird though.

    Love Jersey, and I hope I manage get one of your adorable dolls next update. I'm not usually a big doll gal, but yours are wonderful. I was thinking my neice would love one too. :)

  3. PS-I check your blog everyday, and can't believe I missed out on your cute bird! -Laura

  4. "Just" 6 or 8, that sounds like a lot to me. I can't wait to see what the new year will bring. Walking already - scary how quick they grow!
    I would just give them the room to share and see how they go - they might surprise you.

  5. Hi there, my two little ones sleep together and what we do is put caleb who is six to bed first and then half hour later adrian who is four to bed. They have been sleeping together since Adrian was born and we really don't have a problem. Have a great night.Elma

  6. My two girls (7&5) sleep together in one tiny room since they were 1&3 and most of the time it goes very well, we created little houses with curtains so they don't see each other, I think that helps, but of course they visit each other too and have lots of fun....we put them to bed at the same time. I love the little birds ;-)

  7. thank you all for your comments/suggestions! We did the move and they are doing GREAT!! Except for the odd night here and there they have been doing really well together. Hope this encourages others to try it..they love being together.