Sunday, December 14, 2008

Today's update

I've been hoping to finish 8 dolls and birds for the update today but the other night I spilled coffee on three dolls so I will only have 5 listings today. I spilled coffee on my Mac's track pad and broke it a few months ago so really I should have learned my lesson. I have been sewing nonstop at every opportunity and am really tired, so I'm really looking forward to taking a break and getting ready for the holidays.



  1. Oh no, what will you do will the dolls?

  2. I learnt my lesson the hard way too and only drink my tea away from my sewing. You poor thing you must of been so upset after all your hard work. Wow - 8 is a huge amount of work. I hope you do enjoy your break.

  3. i take the spilled coffee ones please. i don't care. they are too precious.

  4. ooooooh, sara -- i'm so sorry! you must have been in tears! i'd have been sobbing :-(

  5. Thanks guys! Hmm lets see, when it happened, I first:

    Stared in disbelief,


    thought about throwing my sewing machine out the window and closing shop.

    then started sobbing.

    My inlaws from the UK are here too so I managed to compose myself and carry on. I am really ready for that break now. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday with your families!!

    Oh yes, the rejects will live in daughter's room for now but I'm sure my mom will snatch them up for her friend's children. That is where all my rejects go to live.

  6. can't wait for the next shop update! i had my eye on a little charlotte/hooded capelet nature bear girl for my little daughter heron for christmas (she's a wee 7 months, so mostly for display at this point, or, who am i kidding? mostly for me!), but was too late on etsy. maybe this spring for her birthday? i LOVE your dolls! thanks for making pretty things.